Main Features
■Lightweight & Small Size
It provides a significant performance for NDT, even under narrow areas and with a single operator.
1kV-step setting of X-ray tube voltage & 1sec-step setting of irradiation time.

■Energy-Saving Design
Design of low energy consumption allows to use the power source from ordinary household electricity.
■X-ray Leakage Reduction
RIX-MC-2 series has lowered leakage level much less thant the permissible leakage dose rate of 4.3 mGy/h set by JIS-Z-4606 (Japanese Industrial Standard).
■Automatic Aging
Daily operation for aging is automatically made within the least amount of time.
■Self-Diagnosis Function
In case any abnormality, the monitoring system displays the cause of irregularity.


X-ray output Tube voltage : 60kV~200kV 1kV step
Tube current : 3mA (power source: 100V) / 5mA (power source: 200V)
Penetration power 32mm steel thickness
 (200kV, 5 minutes exposure, Fuji #100, density:2.0)
Power source AC 100/200/220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight X-ray generator : 250mm×250mm×530mm/20kg
Controller : 412mm×182mm×418mm/14kg