For improving the operating efficiency and the accuracy of inspection as well as maintaining the good safety management for inspection of thick wall pipelines with the size of 400A and 500A (600A and 700A are adaptable because of extended length), model JX-5 was newly developed as a self propelling X-ray generator on the inner surface of pipelines having internal X-ray source to make radiographies of welded part.
Its standard workable range is 30m, however, it can be extended up to 120m.
JX-5 also has a camera for monitoring the position of radiation point. Camera image is displayed on the LCD monitor in Driver attachment.


X-ray output Tube voltage : 100kV~200kV 5kV step
Tube current : 3mA (constant)
Irradiation angle (12°+20°)×360° panoramic
Penetration power 20mm steel thickness
 (200kV, 5 minutes exposure, Fuji #100, density:2.0)
Power source AC 100/200/220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight X-ray generator : Length 780mm/27.2kg
Controller : 565mm×280mm×250mm/26.7kg