Real-time Dosimeter with Optical Cable uses high-efficient scintillation material as dose sensor for real-time dosimetry in combination with plastic optical cable and photo-diode sensor.

Small scintillation sensor and X-ray transparent optical cable have minimum footprint in X-ray images, and are suitable for point dosimetry in various applications.

TORECK has newly developed a Model RD-1000 with multi-channel sensors.

Real-time Dosimeter with Optical Cable RD-1000

New sensor of high-luminescent scintillator has superior sensitivity and stability.
Combination of sensor and cable with high X-ray transparency brings the minimal footprint on X-ray images.
Cable (made of plastic optical fiber) is flexible enough to fit and position the sensor easily on the surface of patients.
Considering the situation of IVR procedure, 4 sensors can work simultaneously.
By tapping the display panel, displayed values can be selected between dose rate and total dose.
Connection with PC for data transfer and storage



Display range 0 ~ 99999 mGy
Dose rate 0.1 mGy/min ~ 2.0 Gy/min
Ambient temperature 10 ~ 30 ℃


Sensor material Scintillator (rare-earth phosphor)
Cable material Plastic optical fiber(OD:2.2mm)
Cable length 2.5m
Size & weight 4.1mm (OD) × 11.5mm (H)

Main unit

Screen Touch panel screen color LCD (5.6 inch)
Size & weight 200(W) × 150(H) × 75.4(D) mm, 1.5kg
Power source DC 12V, 1.5A
Battery type AAA×6 (backup power)