Thermoluminescence dosimeter system TD-1000

image TORECK TLD System can provide precise measurement of radiation dose with simple operation. And user calibration is possible.


Personal dose management, Radiation management in facilities, environmental dosimetry, Dose measurement at X-ray imaging equipment, Dose measurement of RI radiation source and accelerator, Cosmic radiation measurement
Structure of TD-1000 system
TORECK TLD System consists of TLD Reader, TLD elements, TLD holders, Annealing oven.

*Compact printer is optional accessory.

TLD Reader

image *Compact design
*Easily visible fluorescent indicator panel
*Simple touch operation


Measurement range 1μSv~1Sv
Display range 0.1μSv~999Sv
Measuring time Standard mode:18 sec, Variable mode:max. 240 sec
Heating temperature Standard mode:300℃, Variable mode:max. 500℃
Size & weight 280(W)×209(H)×450(D)mm, 15kg Power source:AC100V

TLD annealing oven

image Residue can be erased by annealing the elements before use, which enables to be used repetitively.


Element loading Tray type
Size & Weight 370(W)×265(H)×150(D)mm, 8kg Power source:AC100V

TLD elements & holders

TLD element accumulates radiation energy.

TLD holder protects TLD element from ultraviolet ray and impact shock.

◆Features of TLD element◆
*With its low effective atomic number, energy correction data can be made easily.
*Low fading effect makes it suitable for various measurements.
*Its simple glow curve needs no complicated heat treatment.
*High sensitivity covers wide range from 1μSv to 1Sv without exchange.
*It has a good linearity up to high dose level.
*Long-term environmental radiation measurement is possible.
Standard Material Size & Type Dose range
MSO-S Mg2SiO4:Tb
2φ×12mm, Glass capsul 1μSv~1Sv
MSO-L Mg2SiO4:Tb 10φ×72mm, 2 Glass capsuls w/holder 1μSv~1Sv